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Discovering the Latest Trends in Lighting Designs

Lighting is one of the key elements in decorating any space. It has to be functional, and can also be the focal point of a room. The lighting style can set the tone and atmosphere of the area, blend all the other components together, and brighten up small rooms so they appear bigger. Traditional styles are ornate and timeless. Victorian lighting features old-style globes, fringed lamp shades, and intricate metal work. Rustic lighting utilizes wrought iron, copper, and brass fixtures. Contemporary styles have soft lines and a wide range of colors and textures. All these styles can be found at large lighting outlets, such as Lighting Expo.

Designers and manufacturers are also creating new trends in lighting to compliment modern styling in furniture, paint, window treatments, and accents. Cottage retreat, for example, includes shell shaped fixtures, light colors, and beach-inspired embellishments. Other trends that exemplify laid back and causal style include tropical and modern bungalow. They are ideal for a beach cottage, a camp by the lake, or a sun room that faces the garden.

Global style encourages an eclectic decor with animal prints, exotic fabrics from different countries, and a mix of colors and textures. Customers who wish to view all the new trends in lighting can visit the new jersey lighting store location, or go to Lighting Expo online. The advantage of access to both a physical store and a virtual one include options for viewing, lower pricing due to volume sales, and thousands of choices from top manufacturers.measurable results

The Lighting Expo website also has new twists on old styles. New traditional mixes old style with new finishes and fabrics. The modern lighting style has splintered into specific sub-groups. Innovative designers have created a mid-century modern style that illustrates the contrast between minimal lines a d geometric shapes. Industrial modern combines a mix of metals and woods to create stunning fixtures in all types of lighting. Modern mix consists of multiple layers of contrast and colors that goes well with any type of decor.

Top manufacturers, such as Minka, Hinkley, Quoizel, and Savoy House can be seen online. Some sites have posted pictures of display rooms to provide customers with a visual. The addition is an attempt to let shoppers see examples like they would in a physical store. There are even sections included that allow customers to select materials and components of lighting to personalize the end result. If possible, visit a lighting showroom. If there is not one near you, go online to view the newest trends in lighting.